[WARNING GRAPHIC] Get a room! Grimy image goes viral of man having ‘relations’ with girlfriend…on SIDEWALK!

[WARNING GRAPHIC] Get a room! Grimy image goes viral of man having ‘relations’ with girlfriend…on SIDEWALK!

Wow this is gross, but en eye-opening look into how the culture of morality has slipped. Someone took a picture from their apartment of a couple being caught having sex on the sidewalk in broad daylight, right next to the main road.


Residents of Minsk in Belarus say they were woken by ‘loud moans’ in the early hours, suggesting that romance struck as the couple headed home after a night out. The man is wearing a black Nike jumper with his trousers around his ankles as he holds his bare-bottomed girlfriend while she touches the floor.

One shocked onlooker posted the photo on Twitter which has quickly gone viral and become a popular meme.
A witness said: ‘This is a famous photo from Sukharevo. I wonder what was left out of sight.’
If the couple gets identified then both of them could reportedly face a heavy fine for ‘hooliganism’.
The woman who posted the photo of the pair might get a fine too if it is seen as dissemination of pornography.
One online commenter said: ‘Just do it.’ And another added: ‘You never know when love and passion will hit you. Hit you hard.’

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30 years ago even a picture like this would be banned let alone a person feeling nasty and brave enough to commit sex acts within the eye reach of children AT A PARK! Ugh… sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong time period.


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