Girl Beaten Mercilessly In An Organized Fight For A “Young Girl’s FIGHT CLUB” In Front Of Crowd! [VIDEO]

Girl Beaten Mercilessly In An Organized Fight For A “Young Girl’s FIGHT CLUB” In Front Of Crowd! [VIDEO]


This feels a little too much like The Hunger Games. I am not sure where these girls got the idea, but the results are terrifying. A group of four girls participated in some form of fight club. It is not known who organized the fights, but the results are pretty graphic and extremely disturbing.

There is a clear dominant figure in the fight. You can watch it below. But she doesn’t seem to know when to stop mercilessly attacking her opponent. You can see the girl she is fighting motionless on the ground. That does not, however, seem to deter the stronger girl. Even with her opponent on the ground; she continues to punch the girl in the back of the head and kick her repeatedly. All this happens while the crowd gathered around cheers and begs her to finish the girl.

Finally, someone in the crowd calls out that it has to stop, they have gone too far. Even then the girl is not done attacking. When she does finally stop beating the other girl, she moves on to another girl who is being beaten and helps her teammate attack a different girl. Again, she doesn’t stop until she is forced to step away from the motionless girl.

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The violence is disturbing to say the least. And the fact that the crowd is standing there and witnessing the brutal violence, adds to the horror. You can hear the people gathered cheering loudly. Is it more disturbing, because the fighters are female? Part of what is so disturbing to me is how young these girls are. And the way they don’t stop even when their opponents are obviously beaten and on the ground.

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