Girl Who REFUSED to Pay for 30-Mile Cab Ride Ordered to WALK the Journey or Face Jail Time

Girl Who REFUSED to Pay for 30-Mile Cab Ride Ordered to WALK the Journey or Face Jail Time

A teenage girl who skipped-out on her cab fare has been ordered to trek the distance of her long cab ride or otherwise face jail. The Daily Mail reports:


A teenager who didn’t pay cab fare after a 30 mile journey has been forced to relive every inch of her free ride by walking it.

Judge Michael Cicconetti offered 18-year-old Victoria Bascom the long walk or a quick ride to jail for 30 days.

Bascom, who didn’t pay for a ride from Cleveland to Painesville, Ohio, began trekking around a local fairground on Friday afternoon.

Cicconetti has earned a reputation for creative punishments after sentences that include a drunk driver to look at car crash victims in the morgue or a man who called a police officer a ‘pig’ to stand with a sign next to a swine.

Bascom was ordered to complete her trip within 48 hours, do three days of community service and will also pay United Cab $100 in restitution, according to WOIO.

During sentencing she said that she and a friend had left the cab while two other passengers were still inside, and that the remaining fares had run off when it was time to pay up.

Cicconetti originally opened his sentencing remarks by saying that Bascom would have to spend 30 days in jail, leaving her visibly distraught.

The unusual punishments are only offered to those who are first-time offenders and show remorse for their actions.

He then offered the creative penalty, and said that a GPS would be used to monitor her movement during the 48 hours.

The judge said the walk from Cleveland to Painesville would be too dangerous and suggested trudging around the Lake County Fairgrounds because ‘the only thing you have to worry about is the horses’.

The fairgrounds are about three-quarters of mile around, or roughly 40 laps to walk all 30 miles.

Bascom was also ordered to four months probation.

It’s great to see creative punishments that are aimed at teaching a lesson- the true purpose of the American penal system.

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