Glenn Beck Eviscerates President Obama as a ‘Special Kind of Liar’

I rolled my eyes this week when the President said that all of the right’s predictions about ObamaCare “turned out to be wrong.” Glenn Beck, on the other hand, went in a different direction


“The proof is readily available for anybody who cares to look,” Beck said. “And the fact is, the president is a special kind of liar because he can lie about things that have long been proven to be lies. Then he has the nerve to tell you to look up the evidence. … That’s what he did this week.”

Beck played audio of the president saying: “It was one thing for them to argue against Obamacare before it was put in place. Every prediction they have made about it turned out to be wrong. See, it’s working better than even I expected. But it doesn’t matter. Evidence be damned.”

“Yeah, evidence be damned,” Beck repeated. “That was a special kind of liar. You have to almost sit back in awe and say ‘Oh, my gosh, he is an artist. He is a Rembrandt or the Monet of lies. He is so convincing, he may even have convinced himself!’ And I believe he has. But what a statement. ‘Evidence be damned.’ All of the evidence is on our side, and he makes the opposite claim. But we have seen it before, repeatedly.”

He then went on to play clips of the President – in his own words – completely contradicting himself from the previous clip.  But, I guess like the President says, evidence be damned.

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