Glenn Beck Says This Is the Most Powerful Pro-Life Video He Has Ever Seen

Glenn Beck Says This Is the Most Powerful Pro-Life Video He Has Ever Seen

Every day in America, babies are being killed and the mainstream media works to sanitize any discussion concerning abortion as a function of “women’s health.” A new video from Glenn Beck’s writer shines a light on this topic that nobody on the left wishes to honestly discuss.


Glenn Beck’s head writer Dan Andros created a video about Planned Parenthood that Beck called the “most powerful anti-abortion piece, or pro-life piece, [he has] ever seen.”

Beck aired the video on his television program Thursday, and Andros explained that he made the video as a “call to reason.”

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“Obviously I’m outraged by these [undercover] videos like everybody else,” he said. “But I know a lot of people are just tuning out like, ‘Oh I don’t want to look at the parts.’”

Andros said he hoped to make his video compelling enough that people on both sides of the aisle will watch it and understand the value of human life.

Beck remarked: “I want to ask you if you will take this and tweet it, Facebook it. We have to wake our friends and neighbors up. We have to.”

No matter how someone feels about abortion, at the very least, can we agree that it’s time to stop discussing this practice in such sanitized, innocuous terms? Let’s examine what really happens during an abortion.


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