Here We Go! Israel Just Made HUGE Announcement- ‘Enough Is Enough!’

Here We Go! Israel Just Made HUGE Announcement- ‘Enough Is Enough!’

With the Islamic Terror attack still fresh in Israel, the people of the state are on alert. Israel has moved to do something about it.

Now watch as the word cries HATE when they move to protect themselves.


As reported by the New York Post, “Two Palestinian gunmen disguised as ultra-Orthodox Jews opened fire in a popular food and retail center in central Tel Aviv Wednesday night, killing four people and seriously wounded at least seven others, according to reports.

However, Israel is not standing idly by. The BBC reports, Israel says it has suspended entry permits for 83,000 Palestinians after gunmen killed four people in an attack at an open-air complex in Tel Aviv.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who visited the scene shortly afterwards, called the attack “a savage crime of murder and terrorism”.

(The permit ban) will impact Palestinians in the West Bank and in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip who had planned to visit relatives in Israel, attend Ramadan prayers in Jerusalem or travel abroad via Tel Aviv’s airport.

Israel is a nation that has to constantly fight with the world, just to prove that it has a RIGHT to exist, and the people have a RIGHT to exist.

Murders can happpen, as they did a few days ago, and still the world community will shout it was Israels fault…

Well the world is evil, and we know which countries and leaders are anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic.

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