God Is The New Gay–UPDATED

You know what I’ve noticed? I’ve noticed that if you want to even be remotely taken seriously in public discourse, don’t say you believe in God. God is the new gay. In hushed tones, Aunt Petunia whispers conspiratorially in Nephew Regiinald’s ear, “That’s Melissa. I hear she believes in God.” Gasp!

I might have a more quiet, inward faith but there are other people in this country who evangelize more directly, who believe passionately and that belief motivates them to ministry (service). They may be expressive or reserved about it, but it’s their business and their right as Americans.

It is fashionable these days to bash Christian evangelicals, but I’d like to remind the Leftists that it’s the evangelicals who are spearheading the efforts to deal with AIDs in Africa, who helped put New Orleans back together again, who push the administration about Sudan. The evangelicals also are motivated to protect the environment, believe in non-violence, minister in prisons, help fund and staff drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs, and who care for pregnant, single women and help them either parent or find someone to parent their child. Their belief animates their action.

Part of the frustration with the DC elite is a blinding secularism that despises any form of God-talk. Their ignorance of the Bible makes them ignorant of Western Civilization and rather than be ashamed of their ignorance they wear it as a badge and bludgeon anyone who thinks differently as a small-minded rube. The secularists run the classrooms and newsrooms and broadcasts and think tanks and round-tables and when a run-of-the-mill Alaskan Governor who happens to be an unashamed Christian comes along, she is savaged.

Underneath the contempt, there is a contempt for anyone who believes in God. How can a rational, reasonable, thinking person believe? Well, faith transcends the mind and operates on the spirit level. So, it is impossible to rationalize, but anyone who knows God, feels His presence and it’s as real as the computer you’re staring in–that is to say, I can see it, but the inner workings and the connection is a mystery.

It disappoints or angers people who believe in abortion or gay marriage that the God of the Bible doesn’t like these activities. So the answer is to deny God. God doesn’t do what I want, I will reject God. That is certainly every American’s right. He or she can believe or not. He or she can worship or not. He or she can worship God or not. There is freedom for all.

For. All.

That includes people who passionately, literally interpret the Bible. They are free to believe, too. And they are free to have a voice in American politics. And there may even be politicians who strongly and unashamedly believe in God: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, and now George W. Bush. And don’t forget, Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson are preachers, too. Their faith animated their love for civil rights.

The founders made their trek to America to worship Him freely. And in having freedom of religion, procured other freedoms. Freedom and Christian faith are inexorably linked. Too often these days, it’s not the Christian who is bigoted, but the secularist. America needs to have room for all.

Update: Case in point.”>Case in point.

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