GOP Senator Suggests Raising Taxes Now That Oil Prices Have Fallen- and Beck Goes Berserk

GOP Senator Suggests Raising Taxes Now That Oil Prices Have Fallen- and Beck Goes Berserk

Glenn Beck was at his wits end with politicians on Tuesday after his friend Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah (R) voted to re-elect John Boehner as speaker of the House. When Beck heard that Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, who is also a Republican, recently suggested raising the federal gas tax now that oil prices have fallen he couldn’t take it anymore. How far he takes it is pretty freakin’ hilarious:


“Prices dip. We get a breather at the pump,” Beck began on his television program. “So what do the clowns in Washington do? What are they doing? They want to push for a federal gas tax! I’ve got to tell you — I’m going to lose my mind.”

Beck played the clip of Corker’s comments, then adopted a British accent and played dramatic “sob story” music.

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“All he needs is another 12 cents a gallon!” Beck said in his “Oliver Twist” voice. “Maybe, just maybe, you at home could help. Would you consider helping my little friend Bobby from Congress? He’s got himself in a little bit of a pickle today. You see, he took billions of your dollars and he peed them all away. And now he’s asking for even more.”

“It’s crackers, I know, but could you spare some loose change?” Beck continued. “Anything will do. A little bit of chocolate perhaps? Or maybe a chocolate tax? Come to think of it — I don’t know why we even ask, because no matter what we do, they’ll go ahead and tax us up the wazoo.”

“Anybody done?” Beck demanded, returning to his normal voice. “I’m done playing the game.”

Beck said the Republican Party is “drunk on power,” and created a t-shirt with the words, “Go home. You’re drunk. The party’s over” in an effort to “defund the GOP.”

Hahahahaha! You gotta have something to make you laugh, and I just love Glenn. In all seriousness, how does any politician think that any American would just love to get shanked with yet another tax to deal with. Let us relax for a second, would ya?

Watch to the full video below, it’s pretty awesome. Thanks for standing up for us, Glenn!

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie


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