Grandpa Turns Tables on 3 Would-Be Rapists, Saving His Wife and Granddaughter

Grandpa Turns Tables on 3 Would-Be Rapists, Saving His Wife and Granddaughter

When three men broke into a 67 year old man’s house with the intention to rob him and rape his teenage granddaughter, they found themselves on the business end of the Second Amendment. Don’t you just love stories with a happy ending?


According to Western Journalism:

According to WBTW, a 67-year-old Lumberton, N.C., man was able to protect his family and property against three armed intruders determined to rob him and rape his teenage granddaughter.

The incident reportedly occurred Monday night as the trio of hoodlums knocked on the man’s door, forced their way in, and began demanding money. As he and his wife were corralled to the rear of the home to open their safe, it became clear the intruders were also eyeing the 19-year-old girl as a sexual assault victim.

Suspected in a number of other nearby burglaries, authorities confirmed the three men were wearing dark clothing, ski masks, and gloves when they rushed into the residence. Possibly identifying the elderly couple as an easy target, they soon recognized that they had met their match when the grandfather retrieved his own gun and opened fire.
The three men stole their victim’s vehicle and fled the scene. When police recovered the gold Cadillac, they found 20-year-old Jamie Lee Faison lying dead inside. His two alleged accomplices made their way to the hospital and were also airlifted to another facility to undergo surgery.
This is yet another example of an American utilizing his God-given right to defend his property and family from harm. Unfortunately, the grandfather was also injured during the intrusion, and a family member posted that he was “out of surgery, but not out of the woods.” We are asking everyone that you keep him in your prayers.

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