Gunman shoots 90-year-old woman after she scolds him for dropping CHICKEN BONES on the ground

Gunman shoots 90-year-old woman after she scolds him for dropping CHICKEN BONES on the ground

It’s the strangest thing… two people were just walking down the street throwing their chicken bones in people’s yards like it was any other day. I’m trying hard to not say they must be in the ghetto… but seriously sounds like the hood. And of course the guy with the chicken bones proved it when he pulled out his gun…

It was reported that 26-yr-old Gerald Gaffney from Baltimore, Maryland shot a man in the leg with a bullet which then ricocheted and grazed an elderly woman’s foot. He was charged with first degree attempted murder and is now being sought by police.

Luckily, both victims suffered only minor injuries and are in good condition.
Baltimore police media Chief T.J. Smith said, ‘Just an absolute heinous act of crime.’ But if he didn’t have to behave with his words he might say. ’this is the dumbest kind of crime by the dumbest criminals I’ve ever seen.’

And THIS is WHY they were such asshat criminals: a few people in the neighborhood were irritated to see Gaffney and a woman dropping their chicken bones on people’s yards while walking on Harlem Avenue. Several residents, who had been cleaning the block, scolded them.

The KFC couple fled the scene but supposedly Gaffney returned, with a gun, and randomly shot at the people in the neighborhood. This included an elderly woman – who was a longtime Baltimore resident- as well as a 56-year-old man.

Local resident, Anthony Lee said, ‘You wouldn’t think that someone is going to get shot over chicken bones. I can’t even begin to understand what was their train of thought. I mean, it’s like the Wild Wild West.’

Everyone in the neighborhood is relieved that no one was seriously injured. The Police are calling on witnesses or anyone who knows the whereabouts of Gaffney. Gaffney is described as a 6-ft-4-inch tall man with brown hair and brown eyes. He’s may be white or black or Hispanic but that’s not a very important descriptive detail, I guess. Good thing a picture has been passed around the internet that narrows down the description. Police say he weighs about 250 pounds and is often in the West Baltimore area.

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