HAH! Clinton Gets BOOED By Crowd of Patriots

HAH! Clinton Gets BOOED By Crowd of Patriots

It looks like Bill Clinton was in front of the wrong crowd…and drew some serious ‘boos’ from the audience. He was making a campaign stop for his wife. Did the ‘boos’ phase him though? Hopefully…

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From Talking Points Memo:

Former President Bill Clinton drew boos and shouts from the crowd as he made a campaign stop in Logan, West Virginia, on his wife’s behalf, ahead of the state’s May 10 presidential primary.

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Hillary Clinton, who planned to campaign in Williamson on Monday, has been criticized for comments that her policies would put coal miners and companies out of business. Clinton said later she was mistaken and that she’s committed to coalfield communities.

Bill Clinton planned to attend a rally later in Charleston.

Seems it didn’t phase him all that much, he just moved on to a new area. But…that’s what to expect when your heart is iced over with greed.

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