Hahahahaha: Saturday Night Live Ratings Hit Season Low With Return of Alec Baldwin as Trump [VIDEO]

Hahahahaha: Saturday Night Live Ratings Hit Season Low With Return of Alec Baldwin as Trump [VIDEO]

So let’s get right down to it – Saturday Night Live is a once funny, now long time hack of a sketch show that has morphed into an extension of the Democratic Party. That is the truth. I didn’t think I could take any more Hillary sketches without clawing my eyes out. The way they completely ignore the horrible acts that cost AMERICAN LIVES, choices that were solely Hillary’s to make…you can keep your disgusting biased show in your own damn echo chamber, because the sane half of America ain’t buying your crap anymore and it shows!

That’s right, this last week’s show saw its ratings drop to a season low with the return of host Kristen Wiig and actor Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump.


According to Breitbart, it ain’t looking good for SNL:

‘Saturday’s installment of SNL drew 4.7 million overall household viewers and 2.2 million among the oft-coveted 18-49 demographic. Those numbers are down substantially from last week’s overall and 18-49 viewership of 6.2 million and 3.9 million, respectfully.’

‘The show featured Baldwin as President-elect Trump, so ignorant of foreign policy that he had to Google the meaning of ISIS. The “Weekend Update” segment of the show was used to mock Breitbart News and its former chairman, Steve Bannon.’


Last week’s show saw the legendary comedian Dave Chappelle host SNL for the very first time and it was also the first show to run following the President-elect Donald Trump somewhat surprise victory in the election.

In October, during the premiere of SNL’s 42nd season, Baldwin launched his jutting-lipped Trump impression alongside actress Kate McKinnon, who of course annoyingly played Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton. As the presidential campaign started to pick up some serious heat towards the end debates, so too did SNL’s ratings.

Nevertheless, that was then. This is now and SNL is set to see a post-election ratings slump.

So sorry.

Not really.

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