Happy National Pancake Day

In case you have not heard, today is  national pancake day that means two things; one all IHOP’s are giving out one free short stack of  pancakes to each guest who visits an IHOP today (they to request that you make a donation to charity in exchange for your pancakes) and two the world tweets out awesome pancake related tweets. Here are my ten favorite pancake related tweets.

1. This reminder to donate.

2. This baby’s cuteness.

  3. Charity+ free food, what could be better?

4. This person who asked the question on everybody’s minds.

5.This person who reminded us of just how packed IHOP will be today.

6. This group reminding us that IHOP and “medication” are a great mix.

7. This person who reminded us that this day is just cool.

8. This brutally honest college student.

9. This 90’s throwback reminder.

10. This twitter list that shows us just how out of place IHOP is in today’s list of trending topics.

So remember today is an awesome day for pancakes and charities.

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