Harry Reid FIRES At Trump – Blames Him For Violence Against His Own Supporters

Harry Reid FIRES At Trump – Blames Him For Violence Against His Own Supporters


There are very few people in this world who I dislike as strongly as I dislike Senator Harry Reid. I believe him to be an egocentric, dishonest politician who has no respect for others. And I think that was perfectly characterized in the insanity of this statement that was sent out in regards to the protests taking place and the violence that has resulted from the election early last week.

According to statement from one of Senator Reid’s spokespersons

“Senator Reid is calling for Trump to rise to the responsibility of his office and help put an end to all the hate crimes that have been committed since Election Day, but so far, he has failed. It’s a shame Trump is choosing to hide behind his Twitter account and play ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ with TMZ instead of healing our country.”

Which is particularly astounding when you consider a few things. One, President Obama, the one with real power to get through to these individuals, actually encouraged the protesters to continue speaking out in his speech this week. He had a chance to make a difference in this violence and dissonance, and he chose to encourage it. And yet, Senator Reid has the audacity to condemn Trump??? Come on.

And second, these people are protesting Trump. Do you really believe they are going to listen to him? And if he is talking about nationalist and white-supremacist elitists….. Well, Donald Trump has actually made sure to speak out against them.

The spokesperson for Sen. Reid added:

“Of course. Senator Reid doesn’t think anyone should be committing hate crimes against anyone else – I don’t know how to be any clearer about that,” the Senator’s spokesperson emailed Breitbart News.

“But Senator Reid is not the President-elect of the United States, nor was it Senator Reid’s election that set off the wave of hate crimes. Donald Trump has a unique responsibility as president to step up.”


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