He Took Bullets to Save His Fiancée. Now There’s A Big Update On How He’s Doing

He Took Bullets to Save His Fiancée. Now There’s A Big Update On How He’s Doing

A hero literally took several bullets in order to protect his fiancée. Now, on the road to recovery, the British hero wants everyone to know he’s doing fine.


He made headlines after shielding the woman he loved with his own body, and now the hero is being credited for also helping an elderly gentleman as well.

Engaged couple, Matthew James and Saera Wilson were on vacation in Tunisia when terrorists attacked the beach near their hotel.

Wilson told reporters that James had shielded her from the attack, telling her to run for safety and give his love to their children. James’ mother, Kathryn Matthews, later reported that after he told his fiancée to flee, he aided an elderly man who had also been shot.

“I am so proud of him,” she said. “After being the first to be shot and making sure Saera got to safety, he held the hand of an elderly gent.”

Wilson later located James in a hospital, where he had undergone emergency surgery for the multiple gunshots suffered while protecting his fiancée.

Now, James has returned home and is recovering in a hospital near Cardiff, Wales. He was flown from Tunisia to the UK via a military transport and is reportedly in stable condition.

Wilson posted a picture of them both from the hospital, thanking their many well wishers for their support.

“Just to say a massive thank you for everyone’s support and messages, and donations made to us. I am reading the messages and status’ out to Mat as they are coming in and he is overwhelmed by the response. Soon as he is able he will reply to people but is still recovering at the moment and I am typing for him. Much love to you all.”

Friends have set up a GoFundMe page for the family as well as a Facebookpage and special fund.

This man is the embodiment of heroism. It’s terrific to see that he will make a recovery.


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