Head Teacher Driven Out for Promoting Integration

The moonbat–Muslim alliance has claimed another victim. Head teacher Julia Robinson of Meersbrook Bank primary school in Sheffield, England has resigned “after a lot of pressure.” She was accused of being a “racist” for wanting Muslims to attend the same school assemblies as the other children.

Islamic activists have been throwing the tantrums that serve them so well, egging on parents to withdraw their kids from school assemblies if they don’t get their own separate Muslim ones. The liberal education establishment is only too happy to pander to these militant colonists by throwing overboard anyone accused of resisting dhimmitude.

So much for liberals’ vaunted “inclusiveness” — and so much for assimilation, which will not be permitted to happen until demographics allow the native British population to be assimilated into the ummah.

On a tip from Puffdaddy. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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