Obamunism in Nature

There’s nothing unnatural about the strategy unions pursue against businesses and socialists like Obama are employing against America — as proven by the Emerald Cockroach Wasp:

When it comes time for the female wasp to lay her eggs, she finds a roach and stings it in a precise spot in the ganglia to reversibly paralyze its front legs, then stings it in a different spot to disable the escape reflex. She then chews off half the roach’s antennae, and uses the stubs to lead the zombified roach around like a dog on a leash until they reach her burrow where she lays her eggs in its stomach, and buries it alive. The lobotomized roach then rests quietly while the baby inside of it hatches, and proceeds to systematically eat the roach’s internal organs in a specific order that keeps it alive until the very end, at which point the new wasp finishes hollowing out the shell and emerges.

Media propaganda and terror of being called “racist” have disabled our escape reflex. Crushing the economy under massive government debt will metaphorically paralyze our legs. Those who actually voted for Obama are already being led around like dogs on a leash.

From the husk of a prideless, government-dependent generation will emerge a new swarm of socialist inflicters of Hope and Change.

Zombified roaches saluting a wasp, via Bucks Right.

Hat tip: Teh Resistance Blog, on a tip from Gregory of Yardale. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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