Health Care: It’s Time To Talk–UPDATED

I haven’t blogged obsessively about health care, though I could. I’ve avoided it mainly because it’s my every day life and it’s boring, even to me, and people have short attention spans. Now, it’s time to pay attention.

There is one thing you should know, yea two things that should make your decision: One, we simply cannot afford government-run health care. Period. That idea should be the foundation of any plan you see. If a plan involves the government disbursing even one penny, know it is a plan that is unworkable because the Fed already lacks funds. Two, doctors and patients already hate government-run health care. Think VA, Medicaid and Medicare. They are in debt. The care sucks. Patients wait for doctors, if they can find one. Necessary care is not covered. Doctors get paid jack and are about to get paid less if Congress and the Prez have their way, which will result in more doctors quitting as providers causing more misery for patients.

So, today, I have a column up at American Issues Project talking about the three main problems with government-run health care and then I talk about three potential solutions to heal the provider-insurance-individual relationship, for that’s where the problem lies. I would like your feedback on the article. You can read it here.

In the meantime, this video is floating around and visually demonstrates the problem (via Erick Erickson at Redstate):

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Crud, I meant to include this Reagen radio address about health care. It’s strangely prescient (via MK Freeburg):

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