The media won

CNN interviewed Sarah Palin about her resignation as governor of Alaska, and to me, the interview was very telling. It’s a little long, but check it out:

Now, I could be reading into this all wrong. But it seems to me that the media and the Left finally won. They defeated one of the last remaining good, decent politicians. They know it. Sarah Palin knows it. You can see it in their smug, gloating, congratulatory writings and broadcasts about her resignation. They defeated Sarah Palin, and they want to brag.

In my opinion, what she is saying makes sense. How can someone effectively govern when they are being bombarded and attacked and slandered from all directions? She’s right, Alaskans shouldn’t have to pick up the tab for that, and as long as these attacks continue, they unfortunately will continue to have to pay the millions of dollars it is costing to fight them off. As Palin said, it costs nothing to file a frivolous ethics lawsuit, but it costs millions to refute it. And in looking at it that way, perhaps Sarah Palin did indeed make the right decision. Because, let’s face it, these attacks are not going to stop. And Alaska will suffer because of it. As governor, what has she been able to do in the past few months to actually benefit Alaska? Not much.

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Now, perhaps she should have said no to John McCain’s offer for her to run as his vice president. She would’ve remained under the radar, and when 2011 came around, she might very well have been still able to run for president. She certainly still would have been considered one of the rising stars of the GOP, just like Bobby Jindal. But, unfortunately, we cannot change the past. We can only move forward. And I think Sarah Palin has made a wise decision for herself and the people of Alaska. Good people don’t often find a welcoming home in the world of politics, and it’s the good people, not the bad or unethical or immoral, who get attacked and slandered. Sarah Palin doesn’t need politics; it’s we who need her.

That’s not to say that this will not negatively influence a presidential bid in 2012; it will. However, even the most stalwart fighters can only take so much before throwing in the towel. And I think what we’re seeing here is that Sarah Palin has had enough. The media, sadly, has won.

Hat Tip: Hot Air

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