Health Care Summary

While politicians and policy wonks get lost in minutiae, it’s important to remember the essential truths about the health care debate:

1. The Democrats control the House, the Senate & the Executive Branch. They can do whatever they want. Republicans are window dressing designed to give political cover for bad policy.

2. America cannot afford a new entitlement program and that’s what any Democratic plan will be.

3. To pay for this new program, taxes will rise.

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4. To cut costs, rationing will be the solution.

5. The fight is between Progressives who want Government Run Health Care and Moderate Democrats who know they will never be re-elected if they vote for this mess. Thus the talk of “intraparty reconciliation“.

6. This is a Democrat problem. The Republicans should not give wrong-headed Democrats political cover by coming up with some half-assed, moronic legislation that solves nothing.

I am sick of the health care debate. I wonder if under Obama’s plan, there will be a drug that helps people deal with stupid politicians. I bet they give out free Xanax.

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