The Best Of “Under Obamacare”

On Twitter, there’s a hilarious “#obamacarefacts” tag that has started getting a lot of attention. I’m not sure if it started as a pro-Obamacare trend or not, but now it’s chock full of hilarious tweets ripping on Obamacare.

Here’s are some of the best of the bunch:

@jephjacques under ObamaCare, Twitter will be replaced by a button on your computer that MURDERS THE INFIRM

@johnhawkinsrwn Under Obamacare, Jack Kervorkian will be the new surgeon general. #obamacarefact

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@Threehundredc Under Obamacare, the early bird gets the worm. By “early bird” he means seniors, and by “the worm” he means “euthanasia.”

@gerardosucks Under ObamaCare, Flintstones Vitamins will be mandatory, and made from REAL DINOSAURS

@artfulshrapnel Under ObamaCare, Obama will kiss it to make it better. #obamacarefacts

@keata138 Under ObamaCare all your bones will be replaced by adamantium

@IMAO_: Under ObamaCare, the only way your sick grandma will get care is if she’s an illegal immigrant.

@nayato Under Obamacare, every citizen will go under the knife for mandatory double Ds

@EarthExile #Obamacarefacts Prescription drugs will be available on a lottery system, similar to radio contests. Ninth caller gets the Valtrex!

@johnhawkinsrwn Under Obamacare, the hope will be that you get a life saving operation. The change will be that it’s not available.

@greatjoebivins: Under ObamaCare the wallpaper in your house will be replaced by death paneling

@TMass Under ObamaCare, most surgeries will be performed by a family member with the assistance of a hotline service based in India

@jephjacques:Under ObamaCare you will be forced to compete for your medication in a combo Double Dare/Thunderdome arena

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