Health Rationing & You!

There are two ways a company can make more money: increase fees or cut overhead. Overhead, for government run insurance would be….well, YOU. So, the way to cut overhead would to make it so you go to the doctor less, get less time with the doctor, and the doctor will get paid less. All in all, a suck-ass way to deliver health care.

How do we know this plan will stink? Because it’s the systems our buds the Brits and Canuks already use and they hate it so much they save up their money, try not to die, fly to America and enjoy our state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology and health care so they can do convenient things like live.

[P.S. The other way for the company to make more money: charge more. That would be taxes and that will happen, too.]

My friend Emily made a fab video–only 2 minutes of your life to laugh (or cry) at the government run health care to come via the Health Administration Bureau:

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You know what Europe IS good for? Art and architecture. That’s what they’re good at.[Check out Rachel Lucas’ Hillbilly Travelogues] Self defense? Not so much. Health care? Sucks. Innovation of any kind? Meh. BMW and art.

Back to health care: If you haven’t yet, watch some of the Senate Doctors shows. Regular citizens ask excellent questions, call in (you can, too) and email. Doctors Coburn and Barrasso answer intelligently and give great answers about Republican ideas. Send questions at

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