Tsk, Tsk Black Man! You Need To Be More Like A Wise Latina!

Why can’t all minorities understand that white liberals know what’s good for them? Why do they have to get all uppity and think differently? Further, why would a black man want to rely on facts instead of his empathy?

Bad minority via Ed Morrissey who says, “I just love it when white politicians set themselves up as arbiters of racial authenticity, especially when they try to scold minorities for drifting off the political reservation. It belies a “soft” bigotry, if you will, when Barbara Boxer assumes all black people think the same and hold the same opinions — or even worse, that they should.”

Good minority via Townhall. See what fawning praise a good minority gets for being good and compliant and empathetic–which is to say, hold all the correct view held by liberal white betters:

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No wonder Sarah Palin must be punished. She has ovaries and disagrees. How dare she?

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