Heartless heedens throw puppy into burning trash can at a Minnesota dump

Heartless heedens throw puppy into burning trash can at a Minnesota dump

Horrible!!! Thank god this trucker heard the cries!


Helpless whimpers carried through the frigid Minnesota night air led a passing truck driver to a burning trash can, at the bottom of which he spotted a puppy engulfed in flames.
Clayton Van Wert said he was visiting the garbage dump on the edge of the Red Lake Indian Reservation Friday night when he made the shocking discovery.
With little regard for his own safety, Mr Van Wert, a father of three, reached into the flames and pulled the crying pup to safety, burning his hands and singeing his hair in the process.
The trucker is convinced that the husky mix was too small to jump into the 4-foot-tall container on his own, suggesting that someone had deliberately tossed the pooch in and left him for dead.
Van Wert contacted a tribal conservation officer, who took the badly burned dog to a rescue shelter on the reservation. From there, the pooch was transferred to Act V Rescue and Rehabilitation, an animal shelter in Bloomington.
Talking to the Minneapolis Star Tribune about his heroic rescue, Mr Van Wert, 55, who owns a towing and auto recovery company, choked back tears as he recounted the moment he reached into the burning bin and retrieved the howling puppy with his gloved hands.
Van Wert, himself a lifelong dog owner, said as soon as the pooch was out of danger, he walked over to him on his burned paws and showed no trace of fear.
Van Wert said the top of the puppy’s fur was the color of toasted marshmallow and crumbled to ashes at the slightest touch.
Phoenix is now on the road to recovery, but he still has to undergo several rounds of skin grafting for his burns. The team at Act V who are treating the abandoned puppy are asking for donations to cover the mounting costs of his care.
As of Monday night, authorities have not found whoever dumped the dog in the burning bin.

You can say a lot about a society by the way they treat their animals. This is a really sad story. All dogs do is love their owners and its so sad when they are treated in such a vile way. These people deserve what they get.

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