Her dog would not leave, no matter what. He was good and loyal.

Her dog would not leave, no matter what. He was good and loyal.

A dog named Paco was found laying in the middle of a street where a recent hit-and-run accident took place leaving the victim dead. People slowly started to piece together the reason why Paco wouldn’t leave from this spot in the middle of the road…the reason is HEARTBREAKING!


Authorities found 42-year-old Kelly Black dead in the road. What they had not known at the time though was that she had been walking her dog.

Shortly after authorities left, however, a dog was noticed lying down in the spot of the accident. Neighbors eventually pieced together that the woman was walking her dog when she had been killed. It had been waiting alone at the scene of the crime since.

The family told WJAX reporter Russell Colburn that the two were “inseparable” and that the dog “was by her side when she died and stayed here, alone, after.”

The dog was eventually retrieved by local police and reunited with its family, WJAX reported.

Police said they are continuing to investigate the hit-and-run

To see such a loyal dog in mourning for his human is heartbreaking. I hope he recovers quickly and receives just as much love from his other family members.

Did you catch this tweet reply? Just incase you didn’t here it is….

@RussellANjax This dog is more qualified to be Sec of State than our last one….

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