Here’s Why 2 Of These 3 States ELIMINATED The Most Jobs In The Nation

Here’s Why 2 Of These 3 States ELIMINATED The Most Jobs In The Nation

So why has job growth dropped off in the US? It could be for numerous reasons, but the main culprit is government regulation and policies, whether state or federal. Here’s another huge reason why a couple of states just aren’t going to make it in the coming years.



For one state, there’s no mystery. North Dakota’s entire economy has fallen into a recession with the end of the fracking boom. Overall nonfarm employment in North Dakota has shrunk by 5% over the past year, so it would be surprising if the retail sector didn’t see job losses as well.

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What about the two other states? It’s probably no coincidence that Connecticut and Massachusetts, the first two states to approve hikes in their statewide minimum wage to north of $10 an hour, now stand out because of retail-employment contractions.

Massachusetts has lost 2,200 retail jobs since employment in the sector peaked last July, seasonally adjusted Labor Department data show. Retail employment is down 500 from December 2014, before the first step of the state’s wage hike went into effect.

The minimum wage rose from $8 to $9 at the start of 2015 and to $10 on the first day of 2016. It’s slated to go to $11 in 2017.

The White House and liberal supporters dismissed the Congressional Budget Office’s conclusion in 2014 that a $10.10 minimum wage could cost a half-million jobs. That warning was seemingly forgotten as the Fight for $15 movement emboldened the political left. But the experience of Massachusetts and Connecticut, two early movers in hiking the minimum wage north of $10, suggests that concerns about the impact of a high minimum wage shouldn’t be ignored.

This is complete and utter insanity. Does simple economics not make sense to the Left? Or are they so blinded by the communistic phrase “Social Justice”, that they just refuse to look at the truth? At facts?

I’m in California and we have just been screwed yet again by Gov. Jerry Brown’s $15 and hour min. wage hike. Say bye bye to business in California.

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