Heroic Police Officer Resuscitates Little Boy Who Stopped Breathing – [VIDEO]

Heroic Police Officer Resuscitates Little Boy Who Stopped Breathing – [VIDEO]

It’s the situation every parent hopes they will never experience – your child being in mortal danger. In this alarming case, it’s having to call 911 after your precious child has a seizure and stops breathing.


That’s exactly what this young Texas family experienced when their son became unresponsive outside a KFC last week. Fortunately they claim that a hero police officer arrived right on time and saved their son’s life – and there’s video to prove just that.

The incident happened to a little boy named Brayden Geis outside a KFC restaurant on October 12th. On that 106-degree day, around that time, Officer Chase Miller was scanning EMS channels when a report of a young boy who had stopped breathing came through.

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It didn’t take long for Miller to rush to the scene and immediately start administering CPR to Brayden. The heart-wrenching ordeal can be witnessed thanks to the police cruiser dash cam that was recording the scene.


Officer Miller spoke with Fox 4 News:

‘He had an elevated pulse. His heart was beating but no breath whatsoever. His lips were bright blue, and I began chest compressions.’

The dash cam recording reveals Miller calmly, yet urgently, trying to resuscitate the child, while his panic-stricken parents watch on, paralyzed by fear.

Miller eventually calls upon the boy’s father, John Geis, to aid him in the resuscitation as he runs back to his car to get medical equipment. It’s at this time that Brayden’s mother, Bethany Hoover, becomes increasingly hysterical watching helplessly as these men try desperately to save her boy.

However, after a short time and by a miracle, Brayden abruptly starts breathing again.

Brayden and the Millers have since been reunited this week so that the family could personally thank the officer for saving their little boy’s life.

On Tuesday, Officer Miller was honored at the Granbury City Council meeting for his heroic act.

KHOU reported on the matter, ‘I never dreamed of making a difference by saving a life,’ Miller humbly confessed. ‘I’m thankful, blessed and very relieved to know he’s up and at ’em.’

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