Hillary BASHED Trump On Russia Stance, But Her Relationship With Putin Was Much More Personal

Hillary BASHED Trump On Russia Stance, But Her Relationship With Putin Was Much More Personal

Oopsie daisy! I guess she just “couldn’t recall” or she “short-circuited” for a second when she decided to condemn Trump for his amicable relationship with Russia and President Vladmir Putin.

The WikiLeaks email dump has revealed that not only does Hillary Clinton NOT actually believe that Putin is a bad guy, but also that she had a personal relationship with him and bonded for the desire to save tigers.


“I said, ‘You know, Mr. Prime Minister, we actually have some things in common. We both want to protect wildlife, and I know how committed you are to protecting the tiger,’” Clinton reportedly told the audience. “I mean, all of a sudden, he sat up straight and his eyes got big and he goes, ‘You care about the tiger? I said, ‘I care about the tiger, I care about the elephant, I care about the rhinoceros, I care about the whale.’”

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It is reported that she then began to tell the audience about her trip into what she called Putin’s “inner sanctum.”

“So we go down the stairs, we go down this long hall, we go into this private inner sanctum. All of his, you know, very beefy security guys are there, they all jump up at attention, you know, they punch a code, he goes through a heavily-armed door,” she reportedly narrated. “And then we’re in an inner, inner sanctum with, you know, just this long, wooden table, and then further back, there’s a desk and the biggest map of Russia I ever saw. And he starts talking to me about, you know, the habitat of the tigers and the habitat of the seals and the whales.”

I’m not defending Trump’s stance on Russia, because I think that it’s extremely troublesome that any American wants anything more than just a civil relationship with a former KGB-agent, but Hillary REALLY has no excuse for this. I get that she was trying to mend relations or something to that effect, but to engage in such a personal relationship with a man who desperately wants to bring back the days of the Cold War is dangerous at best. And since we know that she can’t keep her mouth shut when it comes to confidential information (unless she’s being asked by a court, of course), who knows what might have just have slipped out of her mouth during those meetings?

I don’t trust her and I don’t trust Russia.

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