Hillary Clinton The Nemesis

President Barack Obama will have a steep learning curve in office. The protocol, the ritual, the press, the lack of privacy, and it’s all new, new, new. I suspect that every president has to get on top of all sorts of rules and regulations for behavior. And I suspect it’s daunting.

Imagine learning all that stuff while your Secretary of State and former rival knows it all already. How bad must that stink?

While watching Secretary of State Clinton look Presidential today, I felt sorry for Barack Obama. He stood to the side while she basked in the glow. He looked on while she looked….stately. All I have to say, is that it’s got to be tough being new and inexperienced and unready while your nemesis looks and acts and could pull off, easily, the part.

It’s always a hassle dealing with the Clintons. I wish President Barack Obama good luck.

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