Republicans: Are You A Loser Because You’re Respectable?

Are Republicans too nice? Is that why we’ve been big, fat losers these last two election cycles? That’s what Doc Weasel [WARNING: Not safe for work] thinks:

F*ckwit Andy Levy (sounds like a joke name) at the new Brietbart Big Hollywood site counsels conservatives to eschew the strategy the left used to demonize Bush and drive his numbers into the ground, laying the way for huge Dem majorities in Congress and the retaking of the presidency.

He patronizingly advises us to stick to the issues, be civil and fair, stick to the “issues” and lose like gentlemen. We should unilaterally disarm, we guess, and get used to the abuse and learn to live with it and just be “better people”. And permanently out of power people. He’s wrong, dead wrong. People don’t give a flying f*ck about the “issues”. They don’t give a rat’s ass about “policy”. They only understand when you drum into their little heads that Katrina was all Bush’s fault, that the war was a total failure and worthless undertaking, that Bush it to blame for the financial crisis. We don’t need Breitbart’s stupid f*cking lame-a$$ b*llshit. We need in your face fighters. We need grassroots organization. We need fire, we need commitment, we need a strong message.

And we need to destroy the Democrats’ brand.

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Sometimes I’m so ironic that my irony is evidently lost on my readers. So in my post “Don’t Be Like THEM”, I reference the same Hollywood guy, Andy Levy, in yesterday’s post:

Ooops! I did it again. Don’t Do It says Andy Levy:

DON’T apologize to foreigners and say things to them like, “I didn’t vote for Obama,” or “He’s not MY president.”

DON’T say or do everything in your power to drive this country apart and then claim you want unity when it’s your guy in power. This is like the convicted felon who conveniently finds God when he’s up for parole.

But I don’t wanna be a grown-up. I want to whine like a baby like Andy Sullivan. Ooops, I did it again.

In the post, I demonstrated childishness by doing exactly opposite of what Levy counsels–by name calling and making the Brittney Spears cultural reference.

Should Republicans be nicer? I don’t know. Barack Obama succeeded in part, because of what Doc Weasel mentions–every single lefty blogger, the press, everyone worked from day one of Bush’s presidency to undermine him at every single turn. Not only were Republican ideas undermined and diminished but the very man of George W. Bush was trashed beyond recognition.

Barack Obama also succeeded by appearing above it all while simultaneously feeding nasty bilge to the people who he knew would get it out there quickly and efficiently. Andrew Sullivan, whom I mentioned specifically, was a stooge for Obama, a foil. He claimed middle of the roadness–and veered off course with Gay Marriage and just kept on a-going into full fledged psycho Leftist territory.

Scoff if you will, but it’s worked. Republicans and their very logical positions and sensibleness and even their high-falutin’ sensibilities might be making a couple mistakes:

1. People respect when someone wants something so bad they’ll do almost anything to get it. Equanimity and civility at a loss can easily be interpreted as the loser just not caring enough to win. And you know what? I didn’t really care. I didn’t like John McCain. I figured he’d be a white, old version of Barack Obama–squishy and mealy-mouthed and big government. If I thought that, what did middle of the road voters think? So no, I didn’t want John McCain to win the presidency that bad. I wasn’t sure he’d be that much better for the country than Barack Obama. And more than that, I figured if the nation was going to get screwed over, something I was fairly certain was going to happen, better it be coming from a Democrat. And the Mr. Niceguy bull-crap of John McCain stuck in my craw. He tacitly confirmed the media’s caricature of conservatives. It’s NOT TRUE. But McCain seems to believe it. So, no I wasn’t willing to do anything for John McCain because he was not willing to do anything to stick for conservative principles.

2. Younger people don’t respond well to reason, and really, neither do adults. People make emotional decisions for emotional reasons. Republicans are too left-brained. Talking sense only works when people are sensible. Most people don’t take a day to go through the history of the Bank implosion to get down to the bottom of the facts like I did. Most people hear the news and wonder what it means for them. Okay, so banks are failing. How does that affect me? How should I feel about it? Republicans need to get better talking about their feelings.

3. Image matters. Language matters. Speech matters. Looking decent on TV matters. Republicans need to stop acting like it doesn’t matter. You might be able to be a Senator looking like Henry Waxman, but it won’t cut it as President. You need to be decent looking enough, articulate enough, hip enough to the modern culture, funny enough and smart enough to be President. NEED to be. These are not superficial niceties. The swing voters Do Not Vote Issues. Hello, Republicans? Are you listening? They vote for the person. Do they trust and like this person?

So, while I think the Republican party and the conservative movement doesn’t need to don the pointy hats and conspiracy theories of the Leftards, it would be a good idea to recognize that politics is a friggin’ blood sport and you don’t win by playing nice. You win by playing a better game, having more talent, more desire, more innovation, and executing a better plan.

And while being high-brow might make us feel better about ourselves, there need to be rabble-rowsers in the Republican party who are willing to go there and say that. Let the few leaders running for high office take the high road while using the low road. The low road is what helps get leaders elected. It’s politics. It’s not like it’s a noble profession.

I’ll give Doc Weasel the last word:

We need to be loud, we need to be outrageous, we need to be unfair, uncivil and profane. We need to be aggressive and loud. That’s how you get the public’s attention. That’s how Bush was so effectively demonized. We here at docweaselbog talked to people on the street before the election: most weren’t voting for Obama, they were voting against George W. Bush by proxy, by voting against the GOP. The brand is damaged, and we don’t buy it’s because we didn’t follow conservative principles. The public is obviously fine with getting goodies from the government. We are damaged because the other side is constantly telling the world how evil and un-American Republicans are. Well we’re sick of it, even if you are ok with being taking it up the a$$ from Democrat thugs.

Smug little c*cks*ckers like Levy are always lecturing us to take the highroad and be happy to be gracious losers. We want to punch him in the face. He’s what’s wrong with this party. That was McCain’s idea on how to win the election. We see how that worked out.

So, are Republicans losers because we’re respectable?

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