Hillary Just Got DEVASTATING News – This Could Be the End for Her

Hillary Just Got DEVASTATING News – This Could Be the End for Her

While candidates generally see a bump in the polls during and after their party’s respective conventions, Hillary appears to be the exception. Whether that is because of the WikiLeaks release of emails, her being a terrible candidate, or any of the number of scandals casting a shadow on her reputation is anyone’s guess. All we know is that whatever it is, it’s helping Trump.


From New York Post:

A new poll out Wednesday showed Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton 47 to 40.4 percent — his largest margin yet in the presidential race.

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The results of the USC/Los Angeles Times poll likely reflect the so-called “bounce” candidates get immediately after their party’s convention.

The results also follow FBI Director James Comey’s disclosure in July that Clinton was “extremely reckless” using private e-mail to conduct government business while serving as secretary of state.

Clinton is expected to get a boost of her own after this week’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Other recent polls reflect a tighter race, with the RealClearPolitics average showing Trump barley leading the former first lady, 45.7 to 44.6 percent.

The USC/LA Times survey tracks the opinions of about 3,000 people who have agreed to participate.

This could spell disaster for the Clinton campaign, who we now know only got where she was by cheating the voters out of their voice.

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