Hillary? Glass Ceiling?? Here’s WHY She Has Done NOTHING To Warrant That…

Hillary? Glass Ceiling?? Here’s WHY She Has Done NOTHING To Warrant That…

There is no glass ceiling…at least not with this woman…

Hillary Just Shattered The Glass Ceiling. Well, Not Really

I’m sorry (not really). But Hillary has done nothing to shatter any ceiling. What? Were women forbidden from becoming President? No. Need I remind you that she was really only in a race with one other (we won’t count the feckless O’malley) candidate…and he’s an old, crazy, avowed Socialist?!

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American Women Already Shattered The Perceived Glass Ceiling

No Hillary. You are not the first woman to gain a position of prestige and power. Yahoo’s recent Marissa Mayer did it. Oprah did it. Hell, Sarah Palin did it. Most high education degrees are had by women…

You are not breaking the ceiling for any greatness.

Hillary Hasn’t Struggled For Anything

What has Hillary had to struggle with? Not her college education. Not her marriage to the governor of Arkansas. Not her stint as First Lady in the White House. Not as Senator, then as Secretary of State…

She has not had to struggle with children or a marriage (let’s face it, she and Bill have some freaky deal going on there). What exactly has she had to ‘overcome’?

…besides the countless reasons she should be in prison. Those don’t count.

How Did Obama’s ‘Historic’ Win Help Black Americans In Their Struggle?

…I’ll just let this one sit. Is the black community better off today, rather than 8 years ago?

Nothing has been accomplished. Since when does having a vagina qualify you for any record breaking movement?

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