Hillary sends “HOLIDAY” email. And it gets WORSE…

Hillary sends “HOLIDAY” email. And it gets WORSE…

This is just pathetic. Everyone knows that this time of year is home to a lot of holidays to certain religions and countries, but Hillary Clinton’s attempt at a “Happy Holidays” email is terrible.

The timing of the email is even better. And by better, I mean you’re going to roll your eyes so hard you see your brain, so be prepared for that.

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A Hillary Clinton supporter who proudly sports an “#ImStillWithHer” hashtag in her bio posted Hillary Clinton’s “holiday” message, which she received the day AFTER Christmas.


Clinton claims to be a Christian, so why wouldn’t she send out an email recognizing one of the biggest days of her religion? I get not wanting to seem insensitive and all that jazz, but this is just ridiculous and bad optics.

This is perhaps the worst attempt at a joyous message that I’ve ever seen. It is bland and self-serving, and the fact that it came the day after Christmas just makes it that much more sad.

Maybe it’s time for Hillary to throw in the towel, politically speaking. I think she’d be a much happier person once she gives up her plans for world domination.

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