Hillary Humiliated After THIS Is Revealed…

Hillary Humiliated After THIS Is Revealed…

Hillary has admitted to Sanders raising more money than her…this is the first time that Sanders has out raised Hillary in one quarter. Could this be a sign of things to come?


“He outraised us in January,” Mook said at a Bloomberg Politics breakfast, according to CBS News. “We’ve been very candid with our online supporters that Senator Sanders’ online supporters have given more often — a higher proportion of his list contributes.”

BIG: @HillaryClinton just announced she was outraised by @SenSanders in $ in January. He raised $20m, she raised $15m …

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— Ed Henry (@edhenry) February 4, 2016

Sanders’ campaign announced on Sunday that the Vermont senator raked in more than $20 million in January. Clinton raised $15 million.

In contrast to Clinton’s fewer but bigger donations, contributions to Sanders’ campaign in January almost entirely consisted of online payments, averaging $27 a person. CBS notes that there were more than 770,000 individual contributions, bringing the total number of individual donations for his campaign to $3.25 million.

Clinton’s campaign reportedly said 95 percent of its donations in January were given in $100 increments or less.

This is the first time that Sanders outraised Clinton in one quarter. Sanders reportedly came close in the July-to-September quarter, raising $25.5 million, finishing just $3 million behind Clinton’s campaign.

The numbers indicate a dramatic rise in Sanders’ fundraising haul over the past three months. He finished in a virtual tie with Clinton during this week’s Iowa Caucus where Clinton declared a victory despite the very small margin between the two candidates; a statistic indicating deep divisions within the Democratic Party itself among its voting class.

Clinton was also the winner of six coin tosses which awarded her six precincts that were deemed a deadlock tie during Monday’s caucus.

While Clinton enjoys the support of an older demographic, Sanders has been championed as the candidate of the millennials.

Hillary is a joke…

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