Hillary Is Trying to HIDE This

Hillary Is Trying to HIDE This

The exchange of emails between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the State Department officials was released via a Freedom of Information Act request- and the information therein, is damning…


In the exchange, obtained by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, Kennedy warned Clinton’s attorneys in May of last year that one of the emails on her private server had been upgraded to “secret” — the second highest level of government classification — and needed to be deleted.

However, because the email dealt with the Benghazi attack and were on the private system that was under subpoena from the House Select Committee on Benghazi, Clinton attorney David Kendall said it could not be deleted.

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“I have responded to each preservation request by confirming to the requestor that I would take reasonable steps to preserve these 55,000 pages of former Secretary Clinton’s e-mails in their present electronic form,” Kendall wrote.

“I therefore do not believe it would be prudent to delete, as you request, the above-referenced e-mail from the master copies of the PST file that we are preserving.

“Once the document preservation requests referenced above expire, we will proceed to make the requested deletions. This present arrangement would cover the single document recently classified ‘Secret’. Should there be further reclassifications during the Department’s FOIA review of former Secretary Clinton’s e-mails, it also would cover any such additional documents.”

The emails, as a whole, shed light on the chaotic process by which Hillary’s private emails were raked through and secret information discovered. It also shows just how much damage was done by Hillary’s private server.

If these emails had been on a government system, like they were supposed to be, there wouldn’t have been any problem. Instead, in order to obstruct any attempt at transparency, she decided to put them on a private server.

THAT’S IT! LOCK HER UP! …throw away the key.

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