Hillary Just Revealed Bill’s Place In Her Administration – This Is Bad

Hillary Just Revealed Bill’s Place In Her Administration – This Is Bad

The fact that anyone is ACTUALLY considering allowing sexual predator Bill Clinton back into a position of relative power is beyond my comprehension. For people who claim that rape victims should always be believed and protected, they’re doing their best to ignore the fact that Clinton’s rape victims were belittled, intimidated and threatened in the name of power.

Now Hillary is announcing Bill’s role in a Clinton White House.


From TPNN:

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Presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton appears to think she can trump Donald Trump when it comes to jobs creation — something the billionaire businessman frequently states would be a main focus of his presidency.

The card Hillary is playing in pursuit of “revitalizing the economy” if she wins the race to the White House, according to The Hill, is none other than her husband, ex-President Bill Clinton.

The former secretary of state has hinted in recent days about the role her spouse would take on as first gentleman. Bill’s record on the economy during his time in the Oval Office is generally seen as a positive. Hillary is relying on that perception to boost her prospects in both the primary contests against rival Bernie Sanders, as well as in a general election in November.

“When my husband was president, incomes rose for everybody,” the Democrat front-runner said in Louisville, Kentucky on Sunday morning.

At a campaign stop in Fort Mitchell, the former first lady stated that Bill “knows how to do it … especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have really been left out.”

Clinton has had a rough go of it in coal country, as voters in West Virginia, for example, took out their angst on her for a comment she made in Ohio that she would put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. Despite her attempts to walk that back, Sanders beat her in the Mountain State primary.

Gee, could she pander any harder?

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