Hillary Mocks Comey’s Decision To Investigate As ‘strange, unprecedented and deeply troubling’ – VIDEO

Hillary Mocks Comey’s Decision To Investigate As ‘strange, unprecedented and deeply troubling’ – VIDEO

Hillary Clinton has been called out by James Comey and the FBI. And she is not happy. In an October Surprise expected by no one, Comey sent a letter to Congress detailing the fact that the FBI was in fact, NOT done investigating Hillary Clinton. The new revelations came as the result of the Bureau obtaining a laptop device from Clinton aide Huma Abedin, a device shared by Abedin and Anthony Weiner, her now disgraced and estranged husband. Weiner was found to have been sexting a minor. The laptop device is said to contain thousands of emails which are of concern in terms of investigating Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump, taking full advantage of the situation, called Clinton a sleaze, which anyone who has watched the Clintons for years, knows is true. They just have never had to answer for their sleaze and their crimes, always somehow slithering out of whatever criminal situation in which they find themselves. Maybe this time will be different. But don’t hold your breath. The precedent is that she skates on whatever allegations are made, no matter how damning the evidence.

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Clinton, in typical fashion denies all wrongdoing and is trying to lessen the negative campaign effects by making a show of demanding explanations. Sorry Mrs. Clinton, it seems like you would know by now, having been investigated multiple times in your political career, that as the subject of the investigation, you don’t get to demand anything.

The only thing “strange, unprecedented and deeply troubling” here is the fact that you never have to answer in any significant way for your years and years of crimes. Is this whole thing being staged by Comey and the FBI, or is there any merit to this new announcement? Only time will tell. And with 10 days until the election, let’s hope the American people hear the truth. See video below:

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