Hillary Panicked After THESE Secret from Her Past Is Leaked

Hillary Panicked After THESE Secret from Her Past Is Leaked

The leading Democratic presidential candidate along with her husband raked in nearly double the average American’s annual wage EVERY 24 hours at the peak of their earning… Now during her losing speech in New Hampshire she announced, that she wanted to get the “secret unaccountable money out of politics”. Even went further to say…”I will fight to rein in Wall Street- and you know what? I know how to do it.” ….and how exactly do you know how to do that Hillary?


Hillary and Bill Clinton made up to $76,000 a day fueled by large payments from Wall Street banks that date back to at least 1999. The vast sum was driven by speech fees and from 2001 onward the Clintons earned $7.7 million for at least 39 appearances in front of the likes of UBS and Goldman Sachs – the equivalent of $210,000 a time

Hillary also gave speeches to unlikely organizations who paid her more than $200,000 for speaking including the American Camping Association and the American Society of Travel Agents.
She even earned $100,000 for one speech even though she was not there – and gave it via satellite link.

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The candidate is under pressure from her Democratic presidential rival Bernie Sanders to release transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street because he claims she is too close to bankers.

Reports have already begun to surface suggesting the speeches could be damaging.

‘She sounded like a Goldman Sachs managing director,’ an audience member of a Clinton speech, which made the candidate $225,000, told Politico.

‘It would bury her against Sanders,’ another attendee of the October 2013 speech in Arizona said.
Hillary’s critics say that she is part of the financial establishment and with her massive wealth she cannot relate to normal people.

Her disastrous performance in New Hampshire on Tuesday night will cause soul-searching in her campaign, and already she used her concession speech to suggest that she will step up attacks on Wall Street.

But she will have to square that with the sheer amount of money she has taken from the financial establishment.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics’ website, Opensecrets.org, which tracks campaign contributions, during her time in office until 2009 when she resigned to become Secretary of State, Hillary’s top donor was Citigroup, which gave her $824,402.

The second was Goldman Sachs on $760,740 followed by law firm DLA Piper in third place on $700,530.

In fourth place was JP Morgan on $696,456 followed by Morgan Stanley on $636,564.

Among Mrs Clinton’s other top donors were Lehman Brothers, the investment bank that collapsed in the 2008 financial crash, which gave $362,853.

Credit Suisse donated $318,120 to her campaign as well, campaign finance disclosure records show.

Hillary earned $21 million from 92 speeches, or $235,000 a time.

Bill earned $132 million from 637 speeches, or $207,000 a time.

Figures show that 2014 was Hillary’s most lucrative year and was when she was promoting her memoir: ‘Hard Choices’; she and and her husband earned $27,946,490 in total, or $76,565.72 per day.

The presidential candidate is now under growing pressure to release the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches to show that she was not cozying up to bankers.

There is no doubt there are transcripts and McClatchy reported that Mrs Clinton insisted on a stenographer at each event to be paid for by the host.

Asked about the transcripts in Manchester, New Hampshire, where voters go the polls in the second Primary of the election season, Hillary physically turned away at the idea she should make them public.
She later said she would make them public if all the other candidates released transcripts of their speeches to private groups, something Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush supports.

We need a superhero in the White House to undo the corruption that is smoldering in there…not this woman.

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