Hillary Supporters THREATEN Town’s Favorite Pizza Place Over A Trump Sign

Hillary Supporters THREATEN Town’s Favorite Pizza Place Over A Trump Sign

This is absolutely unbelievable. Liberals always preach about how we need to be “tolerant” of other people, even those who want us dead. But heaven forbid someone have their own opinion about who should win the Presidency, because then they bring out the torches and pitchforks.

And they call conservatives bigots?


Liberals have targeted yet another pizza joint that doesn’t laud their values and they’ve threatened to boycott if the business doesn’t suspend their visual support for Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

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Because apparently if you hang up a pro-Trump sign in your window, all of the precious snowflakes get their feelings all in a trigger and take it out on the business.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the area is known for being liberal-leaning, as is evidenced with the “#imwithher” hashtag that accompanied a very angry comment.

Some Tower Grove South residents have threatened to boycott the Imo’s Pizza on Morganford Road for displaying a pro-Donald Trump sign in the window.

A resident took to Facebook to tell others on the Tower Grove South community page about the sign. The post garnered hundreds of interactions, and some responded with a move to boycott the restaurant, at 3222 Morganford.

“Trump is now screwing with my go to ‘stress eating’ place? He’s basically the reason I NEED to eat there. You’ve finally crossed the line, buddy! #imwithher,” one person said.
The neighborhood is known locally for being politically left. The store’s manager didn’t say that any money would be contributed to the Republican nominee’s campaign. He told a Post-Dispatch reporter the sign simply signified his own support for Trump.

The owner of the pizzeria was asked about the negative comments, but the owner wasn’t about to indulge their hatred.

The shop’s manager said Thursday he has heard comments about the sign. But with more important family matters at hand, he said he didn’t care about the negative reception from some. Well, he used more colorful language than that. He hung up before giving his name.

Some people in the Facebook thread on the post came to the store’s defense, saying the restaurant’s operators had the right to exercise their freedom of speech.
“Quit trying to bully people … This has nothing to do with Imo’s and everything to do with your politics,” one person said.

Now before anyone says, “Oh, but you boycotted Target because they allowed trans people in their bathrooms!!!” hear me out.

Conservatives aren’t the ones who are constantly drooling their stupidity about coexistence and tolerance all over the Internet. We know what we believe in and what we will and won’t put up with. This is completely about hypocrisy.

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