The Hoax Continues: ABC, NBC Promote ‘Alarming New Report’ On Climate Change From U.N.

The Hoax Continues:  ABC, NBC Promote ‘Alarming New Report’ On Climate Change From U.N.

These predictions are an absolute crock! It’s made up out of whole cloth by government paid scientists to a support a billion dollar climate change industry. There are thousands of more scientists that can dispute point by point every conclusion and predictions these con men come up with.

global warmingNewsBusters reports on Sunday, both ABC and NBC did their best to play up a new United Nations report on climate change, proclaiming its findings to be “alarming.”

On GMA, newsreader Ron Claiborne hyped how 

“scientists say that the Earth is locked now in a irreversible course of global warming due to the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.” 

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The video below explains the fraud of manmade climate change.


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