Home Defense: A Triple-Barrelled Shotgun?

Home Defense: A Triple-Barrelled Shotgun?

For those days that two shots just won’t do, what is a gun owner to do? Could there be a shotgun with three shots instead of two? Dreams do come true. What do you think of this triple barreled beauty?

Enter the triple-barrelled Chiappa shotgun, perfect for ‘home defence’ and a steal at a paltry $2,000 (£1,396).

The 43-inch-long Chiappa Triple Crown comes in two new gauges – the 20 and 28 – both with a white receiver and walnut stock.

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The firing sequence, in case you care, is right, left, top.

Chiappa says it is a ‘smart choice for survival and home defence situations.’

This is one of several new guns. Can you put this one to good use?

Sonja Bochow

I live in Newark, DE, am married, and the mother of four children; Liam, Brenna, Keira and Erin. I am also a full time Bible teacher and have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from West Chester University.

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