Homeless Woman Attacked By Angry Liberal MILLENNIAL Mob While Standing Guard Over Trump’s Hollywood Star [VIDEO]

Homeless Woman Attacked By Angry Liberal MILLENNIAL Mob While Standing Guard Over Trump’s Hollywood Star [VIDEO]

A homeless black female Donald Trump supporter fell to the ground in a despicable confrontation with bystanders who harassed and mocked her for standing guard over his Hollywood Walk of Fame star with incendiary anti-Obama and anti-Mexico signs.


In the short video clip posted on social media, one man seemed to physically intimidate her, while others tore up her signs, which criticized Obama and read ‘F*** Mexico’, among others.

The crowd went crazy, shouted and mocked her even after she fell and lay prone on the sidewalk, the Los Angeles Police Department said the woman ‘incited’ the crowd with ‘racial slurs’ that were written on her signs.

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But now, police are looking into further questioning the woman so they can write a misdemeanor battery report on her behalf and Trump attorney Michael Cohen has been trying to track her down, claiming that Donald Trump ‘has a gift for her’.

Repairs on Trump’s Hollywood Star are now taking place due to millionaire activist James Otis, 52, wearing construction safety gear and smashing the stone with a pick-ax.

The woman who became protective over the star, and whose name has not been released by the Los Angeles Police Department, presented a sign that read: ‘Donald Trump – keeping it real’.

One sign stated ‘twenty million illegals and Americans sleep on the streets in tents’. Another one read something a bit more controversial: ‘U motherf***ers know!!! Take care home first. F*** Mexico’

Yet another stated: ‘Obama threw our black a**es under the bus.’ In one video posted by DJ Josh LeCash, different people surrounded the homeless woman, calling her a b**** while other people grabbed her various signs, tore and threw them to he ground.


As she was attempting to collect her torn signs that were on the ground and put them in her rolling cart, she fell over and stayed on the ground while many people continued yelling at her.

One mob member suggested she was pretending to be hurt, while another man shouted: ‘Don’t touch her! Let her be!’

Another man bent down and made fun of the woman:

‘Didn’t I tell you five minutes ago, that somebody was going to walk by here and no, I wasn’t going to defend you. Because you spewed hate, and you got hate. You got exactly what you were dishing out,’ he said.

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