Homosexual Tweeters Are FUMING About A New Pro-Hetero Hashtag…Hypocrites, Much?

Homosexual Tweeters Are FUMING About A New Pro-Hetero Hashtag…Hypocrites, Much?

Twitter is a cancer. It really is. It’s touted today as an advancement in communication. Connecting people from all around the globe.

…I call bullshit.

It is a tool that can be used for good, but most likely will be used for some social justice warrior’s latest zinger on the medias latest fake-troversy about how conservatives are bigots, racists, homophobic, and every other crock of horse shit you can think of.

Take these 7 tweets as examples. Examples of just how hypocritically unhinged the lefty millennial generation is.


To intimidate? Are you intimidated by heterosexuals? You might have a mental disorder…

So a heterosexual hashtag makes you want to smash, burn, and shoot yourself in the head…

By all means…

You hate “straighties” because someone hashtags something you don’t like about their sexuality? Hypocrite, much?

Now this one makes sense…read carefully and click the link.

…Uh…you might want to meet up with “straighties” guy and get on the same page. Just saying.

Because all lives don’t matter? You’re a GENIUS!!!…at being a dumbass.

So being straight, white, and a male, disqualifies someone from celebrating their sexuality? No one ever said it was about victim-hood…you really need to lighten up, brother. Not everyone is out to get you and make you a victim.

Well, I’ve had about enough as I can take of these Twitter Twits and their fake outrage. When straight people start throwing you off roofs for being gay, or strapping you down and gutting you with a sword for being gay, at that time…feel free to “hate straities”…until then, grow a pair and quite playing the bitch, um, I mean victim…

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