HORRIFIC Moment A Grandmother Loses Balance And Drops Baby Boy…30 Ft. Down – VIDEO

HORRIFIC Moment A Grandmother Loses Balance And Drops Baby Boy…30 Ft. Down – VIDEO

This is frightful footage by a security camera of a baby that is accidentally dropped 30 ft. down the side of an escalator to his death. Though you only see the point where the baby is dropped, it does nothing to lessen the horror you feel as you see this tragic accident unfold before you.


The devastating security footage comes from China and shows a grandmother stepping onto a department store’s escalator in a shopping center.

But as she attempts to move on to the staircase, she struggles to balance herself and with one hand out trying steady herself – she loses her footing and stumbles forward.

She falls to the right side of the handrail, accidentally losing her one-armed grip on her infant grandson who is flung in horror to the side – where a drop was. The woman urgently throws out her hands to try to get a hold of him and appears that she may have had him at her fingertips – but it wasn’t so and the poor baby fell 30 ft. down the side between the escalator and the wall.

As the scene unfolds, another lady and little girl – believed to be the baby’s mother and sister – are visibly horror-stricken and leap forward a little too late, with the small girl in pink falling forward in the frenzy.

As the video comes to an end, the perceived mother of the baby can be seen rushing down the escalator to get to her baby boy on the ground below.

The baby boy was reportedly hurried to the hospital, but unfortunately succumbed to his wounds and passed away early Saturday morning. The tragic event took place on the third floor of the Wu Yue plaza department store in the Qingpu district of Shanghai, China.

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