Horrifying Moment Brazilian Police Officer Shoots His Wife 11 Times In Broad Daylight

Horrifying Moment Brazilian Police Officer Shoots His Wife 11 Times In Broad Daylight

For those who believe that laws are enough to keep murderers at bay, here is a refresher course on the dangers of such misguided beliefs:


This is the horrifying moment a police officer chased his wife down a street before shooting her at point-blank range.

The 46-year-old man attacked his wife Veridiana Rodrigues Carneiro, 36, on the street in Uberlandia, south east Brazil, on October 20.

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Sources said the couple were having an argument before the man fired up to 11 shots around 10.50am.

CCTV shows Mrs Rodrigues Carneiro attempting to run away before the man wields his state-issued police gun and shoots her in the back.

She can be seen slumped on the ground next to a parked car as her husband fires another 11 shots at close range.

The clip ends with the man walking out of sight. Police said he later locked himself in his house.

Officers from the Special Actions and Tactics Group (GATE) arrived soon after and surrounded the property

The man handed himself in after hours of negotiation.

He was then taken to a psychiatric unit in the Clinical Hospital of the University of Uberlandia, where he is currently receiving treatment under police custody.

Officials said they did not know what the argument was about.

The video has since been shared on social media, with users labelling it disgusting.

This is tragic and very sad. While I cannot profess to be an authority on Brazilian law, I can safely assume that murder is illegal and that this officer knew that fact better than most. Still, despite the fact that there were likely clear laws indicating that he was not allowed to shoot his wife, the deranged man did exactly that.

Laws alone do not protect people. Good citizens with guns are the best chance for a safer society.

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