HORROR – North Korea Military Makes Terrifying Move

HORROR – North Korea Military Makes Terrifying Move

By Right Wing News’ Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

This is almost surreal… like a movie, only not. North Korea just held their largest ever live-fire military drills yesterday and they pulled out all the stops. They used mock warships – supposedly ours – to attack. For all the world it looks like they are getting ready for a full-scale war. It crossed my mind today if the left would now try and dust off MASH and do a remake. Except none of this is funny and millions could die.

Just remember as you look at these pictures and the might of the North Korean military, that it is puny compared to American military might. On Monday, President Donald Trump said dictator Jong-Un isn’t as strong as he claims to be and he blamed the international community for not doing more to rein him in. And he’s right. It should never have gotten this far out of hand. We now stand on the verge of North Korea having ICBMs that can reach the US and that is unacceptable.

From the Daily Mail:

Kim Jong-Un’s army readied for war as they fired rockets and torpedoes at mock enemy warships during North Korea’s ‘largest ever’ live-fire artillery drills on Tuesday.

Hundreds of tanks were lined up along the eastern coastal town of Wonsan in a show of military strength to celebrate 85 years since the North Korean army was created.

Kim saluted the military as he watched the exercises on Tuesday, which involved the firing of more than 300 large-calibre artillery pieces and included submarine torpedo-attacks.

Just one day later, South Korea conducted joint military live-fire drills with the US at Seungjin fire training field in Pocheon, South Korea, near the border with North Korea.

And in a defiant bit of timing, South Korea have announced that key parts of a contentious US missile defense system have been installed.

The South’s trumpeting of progress in setting up the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system, or THAAD, comes as high-powered US military assets converge on the Korean Peninsula and as a combative North Korea signals possible nuclear and missile testing.

On the same day, a US guided-missile submarine docked in South Korea.

The little troll is prancing around pretending he is a military hero and a God. He has a Napoleonic complex and is dangerously bat-crap crazy. “The ‘status quo’ on North Korea is ‘unacceptable,'” Trump told members of the United Nations Security Council at the White House. “The council must be prepared to impose additional and stronger sanctions,” Trump said. While sanctions are necessary, they won’t cut it this time, I’m afraid. We must remove the threat of Kim Jong-Un and his rogue regime or risk the lives of millions of Americans. We can’t afford to waffle on this now.

China is not going to handle this problem and thinking they will is wishful thinking and delusional. North Korea is a proxy for them and they are not going to stop them unless absolutely forced to. Japan announced yesterday that the Japanese have only ten minutes to prepare if a missile is launched at them. We have moved our THAAD anti-ballistic missile system to South Korea to fight back if necessary. But understand this… if we are forced to fight North Korea, a lot of lives will be lost on both sides. We can’t stop them entirely without them hitting us and our allies. This is why Kim should have been targeted for removal long ago. The band is warming up and the music is beginning. Now we wait on President Trump and what he decides.

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