House Committee Drops Funding for Climate-Change Programs

House Committee Drops Funding for Climate-Change Programs

Just before what’s called the most “important” U.N. climate conference in years, appropriators in the House of Representatives have cut funding for the Presidents “international climate change funding.” Mainly because, it’s supposed to be a national security bill


An appropriations bill for the State Department and foreign operations, released Tuesday, excludes funding for three major climate initiatives – the Green Climate Fund, the Clean Technology Fund, and the Strategic Climate Fund – and also removes funding for the U.N.-backed Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The bill eliminates funding for these “lower-priority international programs,” the House Appropriations Committee said in a statement, in order to meet what it views as top priorities – including “funding for security activities around the world,” support for key allies, and increased funding “for embassy and diplomatic security to address new needs identified after the Benghazi terrorist attack.”

I guess lying about climate change being a national security issue didn’t work. To word on if the State Department will not try Neil Degrasse Tyson memes.

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