House Guest Charged After Baking His Friend’s Dog to Death in the Oven

House Guest Charged After Baking His Friend’s Dog to Death in the Oven

There are monsters in this world, walking among us, capable of doing horrific things — a fact that people are too often in utter denial about. Someone like Joel Clark, who decided to bake a friend’s dog to death in an oven, is a perfect example.


Joel Clark, 37, was being held on Thursday at the Marion County Jail in Indiana.

He faces charges of killing a domestic animal and torturing or mutilating a vertebrate animal, according to new court documents.

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Prosecutors said Clark was on house arrest and living with two friends, Christina Kelley and Richard Smith at the time.

Miss Kelley found Zane, a Miniature Pinscher, dead on May 18.

The little dog was discovered in the bottom of a trash can.

The woman was then horrified to discover dog hair and a toenail on a cookie sheet and pizza pan in the oven, court documents said.

A necropsy found that the dog’s whiskers were burned, it had burn marks on its legs and feet and blood on its snout and mouth.

… Miss Kelley and Mr Smith said that they were aghast by the death of their pet and totally bewildered because no argument had taken place before the brutal killing, according to the Indy Star.

Along with the animal cruelty charges, Clark has also been charged with escape relating to the violation of his house arrest for allegedly resisting a previous arrest.

The kind of person who would do something like this would surely commit more and bigger acts of evil unless forced to stop, which hopefully, he will be. People like Joel Clark, who would torture and kill an innocent creature, should spend their lives behind bars, never able to hurt another living being ever again.

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