How Many Of You Know How To Use A Gun?

How Many Of You Know How To Use A Gun?: In the last episode of ACPOTI, I mentioned a now famous ‘gun thread’ from the Clear Guidance ‘Youth of Islam’ forums. Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs had linked the thread and soon people were talking about it across the blogosphere. Well the heat got to be too much for the people who run Clear Guidance and they deleted it before I could immortalize the thread in our ACPOTI section.

But never fear, RWN’s tentacles stretch far and wide across the net and we got our hands on a copy of the thread (thanks Jeanne D.). This thread was over seven pages long and was filled with talk about stabbing people, snuff films, and the evil of Jews. I edited out quite a few posts about guns, water guns, and other non-inflammatory posts. What’s left will sicken and disgust you. Out of the entire forum, only one poster seemed to have any sort of problem with this sort of material being posted and I left most of that person’s comments in. Read and learn a little more about what the Clear Guidance kids talk about when they don’t think any kafirs are around…

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