Warning Labels For Dumpsters? What Next?

Warning Labels For Dumpsters? What Next?: I think this may represent a new low not only for America, but for our species…

“Bumper stickers that say “No Baby Dumping” are causing lots of controversy in this small Northern California city.

Santa Cruz’s Deputy District Attorney wants the stickers placed on trash dumpsters thoughout the city. The idea is to discourage child abandonment.

Residents have mixed feelings about the idea, but many think it could work.”

So we apparently have a Deputy District Attorney and ‘many’ residents in Santa Cruz who believe mothers are putting their babies into dumpsters because THEY DON’T KNOW ANY BETTER? Or is the general idea supposed to be that they do know better but will be discouraged by the sticker and will presumably find look for a dumpster without a sticker to dump their kid into?

Maybe we need to have a warning sign on guns that say, “please don’t shoot your baby with this.” Should the dashboard of your car say, “Please do not put your baby under the wheel and go forward?” We better not forget about ovens either, “Please do not put child in here.”

At this point, I’m just waiting for the day when a mother who tosses her baby into a dumpster sues the owner of the dumpster for not having a sticker informing her that it was dangerous to put her child in there.

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